by Scott Saad - December 17, 2012

About a month ago I decided to open up an Instagram account. It seemed like another interesting outlet for social interaction. I mainly was looking for a way to put my fairly new iPhone 5 to use as a camera.

When Instagram stopped showing up in Twitter feeds, the value immediately diminished and have since not used it. The final straw was drawn with recent terms of service announcements,

Needless to say, I’m not sad about moving away. It’s definitely interesting though. I pulled the plug on a similar service about four years ago for like reasons.

This is just it… there exists a fine line in ad supported services. If a company is not careful there ways can start to seem dirty and wrong. It’s possible that my feelings are in the minority but I feel that if a service is good enough, users find a way to pay it.

I love me some filters and I’m happy Twitter is now natively providing features like what Instagram brought. And I suppose I could always rekindle the love for my Flickr account that I’ve happily been paying for since 2008.

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