Araxis Merge HG Settings

by Scott Saad - April 29, 2013

As with any technology tool switch, there is a period of time where I slowly transition my other tools/processes to work with the newcomer. Since switching over to mercurial (hg), I needed to find a way to infuse my existing graphical diff tool, Araxis Merge into the mix.

Ultimately, here is the pertinent information I have in my mercural.ini (or .hgrc on Mac) file:


merge = araxis  

cmd.arxdiff=C:\Program Files\Araxis\Araxis Merge\ConsoleCompare.exe  
opts.arxdiff=/2 /wait

This allows me use the Araxis Merge tool from both Tortoise Workbench and from the command line.

To diff files in my working directory, I can now run:

hg arxdiff

To invoke the three-way merge to be invoked, I simply run the standard:

hg merge

I have different settings for Araxis when I use git, but that’s another post. :)

Having a good diff/merge tool is well worth the investment as it saves time and headaches. Araxis has been my choice for over a decade now and it continues to prove itself as irreplaceable.

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