Showing Differences in HG Between Releases

by Scott Saad - August 5, 2013

Keeping track of changesets in Mercurial is often done by the use of tags. For example, tagging a release with a pattern like, r_4.20 helps us know that a particular changeset was considered the 4.20 release.

To build further on this, it’s nice to see what has changed between two different releases. Say perhaps there was a bug introduced between the 4.18 and 4.20 release and we want to quickly look at all differences between these two versions. We could run the following:

hg diff -r r_4.18:r_4.20

This also works if you have a your favorite graphical diff tool setup.

There seems to be an entire language around specifying revision sets in Mercurial and is worth further exploring when wanting to do more sophisticated queries. This one serves it up just right when wanting to see what changed between two different releases.

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