by Scott Saad - April 24, 2013

As adults, we sometimes find ourselves in situations that are new to us. As children, everything is new but learn to navigate the new world by imitating those around us. The better the role model, the better chance we have. As adults, we can sometimes forget this simple tool.

There are many instances in life where it would be helpful to know what to do in certain situations. Maybe we have to stand up for something we believe in our profession but have never been a stand up type of personality. It feels awkward to do it because we’ve never really done it before. But of course, like many things in life, we want to overcome and grow. Can we pretend we’re a children again and imitate our way through this growing experience?

It may be as simple is finding somebody that has already done what we’re looking to embark upon and ask ourselves, “How would this person handle the situation?” It becomes a simple tool to help us learn how to navigate areas of unfamiliarity.

We all know those people that seem to have all the answers. They seem to have all the insight into how to deal with certain situations. They always know what to do. But they didn’t always. At some point in their live, they were as clueless as the next.

Nobody is born with this knowledge, it’s learned. Our experiences shape us and we naturally look upon others when we don’t know how to do something. As adults we should not forget this simple tool. If we have not consciously used our imitation skills in a while then we need not worry. The ability to imitate is within and momentarily dormant.

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